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“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a world that changes faster than any of us can keep up. Linda Crill’s stories shake up traditional ways of handling the unexpected, erasing old boundaries and moving ahead of the competition.”

—Cynthia de Lorenzi, CEO Success in the City & SITC TV


“Linda exceeded our expectations! ‘What Now?’ really hit home with our employees. I was impressed at her ability to weave real-world business examples that correlate to our business. Her ability to relate with an audience is an amazing gift. Linda amazes me in the depth of knowledge that she has in human resources, in team-building. Thanks, Linda, for being so professional and easy to work with.”

— Dr. Grace Keenan, CEO of Nova Medical & Urgent Care Centers


“I was deeply impressed by Linda’s ability to connect with our employees by weaving in business stories and examples that relate to our business. The enthusiasm in the room wasn’t just for her story, but the audience’s ability to relate to her message about navigating life’s blind curves in our hyper changing world.

— Davita Vance-Cooks, Director, U.S.Government Publishing Office


“Linda models a life of reinvention. On and off stage she inspires others to dig deep to discover their own talents. Audiences walk away ready to answer “What Now?” with new tactics to make it happen. Listening to her speak over the past years has made a huge impact on me as a leader of change.”

— Kristina Bouweiri, CEO Reston Limousine Services & CoFounder of VA Business Women Conference


“Linda Crill is the prototype of how a woman of a certain age can break from tradition and turn boredom into bliss, security into sizzle and frustration into triumphant joy. She leaves audiences believing they can do more and ready to do it.”

— Andrea Roane, News Anchor WUSA9 (CBS) Washington, DC


“As a meeting planner, it’s always a pleasure to find a speaker like Linda who was so participatory in the planning process and flexible on the day of delivery. Also, from participants, we received such enthusiastic feedback about the caliber and content of her presentation. In our follow-up survey they thought that your knowledge of the subject and resources you shared increased their understanding about how to manage change and gave them new ideas to implement and improve their business practices.”

— Cindy Ciardo, Meeting Planner, Essentially Women’s Business Conference


“I have never met a woman that was that strong-willed and that persuasive and hardworking to accomplish something. When Linda starts something, she doesn’t finish until everything is covered, until she has it perfect.”

— Karin Gwin, Account Manager, Walgreens


“I’ve walked much of the journey that [Linda] talked about and it affirmed my experiences and it gave me courage to continue the journey and know that if I do something and it doesn’t turn out like I thought it would, that’s okay.”

Vicki Dalzelle, Director of Learning Development, Phillips Edison Company

Facilitation Testimonials

“We were amazed by how effectively Linda Crill’s partnering sessions were in resolving group conflict that arises when people from different corporate cultures work together. Not only does she facilitate groups in developing new ways of working together, but she makes sure they develop the skills and processes necessary to continue daily communications that keep breakdowns from repeating themselves in the future.”

— Bill DeCinque, Former VP Union Labor Life Insurance Company.

“I have had the privilege of using Linda Crill for two important facilitations. Both times she has done an amazing job of coordinating details, directing conversation flow and commanding the attention of the audience. She is a professional to her fingertips!”

— Eileen Curtis, President of Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Linda came in at the last minute to help us organize and facilitate a large community event and she made a HUGE difference. Her ability to diagnose the situation and create an effective plan was impressive. Linda was involved every step of the way throughout the final planning and execution. I have no doubt we would not have been celebrating the success of this event without Linda on our team!”

— Steve Gurney, Publisher/Founder of Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook

“Linda Crill is a multi-talented woman who brings deep insight to individuals and groups. I serve on the Board of Directors of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, where Linda has facilitated two very important executive meetings with great success and outcomes. I recommend Linda highly. She will bring expertise and energy, helping organizations consider new alternatives and views, and leading them to reach or even surpass their goals.”

— Pat Williams, CEO of GraceFul Care

“When our organization needed to reassess how we were communicating and implementing our vision, Linda was the perfect facilitator. Through individual and collective group meetings she facilitated a process that resulted in reinventing our business and the way we communicated within our group as well as with our client communities.”

— Susan Wellman, Founder & President of The Ophelia Project

“The morning of our monthly meeting of 100 business people, our MC called in sick. I called Linda Crill two hours before the program was scheduled to begin and asked her to step in and facilitate the meeting. She readily accepted and led the program like the “pro” she is. The audience had no idea she had little time to prepare. It was one of our best meetings. She was engaging, welcoming and kept the program flowing beautifully.”

— Margaret Walpole, CEO Metropolitan Business Council

“Linda’s a terrific facilitator of individuals and groups through the decision‑making process in whatever realm she works.

— Amy Kates, Principal Partner, Downey Kate Associates

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