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When Nothing Feels Right,

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Blind Curves: A Woman, a Motorcycle, and a Journey to Reinvent Herself

After the death of her husband, Linda Crill trades her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and commits herself to a 2,500-mile road trip down America’s Pacific Northwest coast on a Harley. The problem—she doesn’t know how to ride and has only thirty days to learn.

By heading into the unknown—the blind curve—Linda faces her fears, tests old beliefs, and discovers not only a broader horizon of possibilities to use in building the next phase of her life, but also the fuel to make it happen.

Reinvent Yourself Alongside Linda

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The Award

In January 2014, The Max Award of Excellence for best book of the year was awarded to Blind Curves—One Woman’s Unusual Story to Reinvent Herself and Answer What Now? from Canada’s largest motorcycle show in Toronto, Canada with over 10,000 people attending from all over Canada and the U.S.A. It was unusual for an U.S.A author to receive this award since it’s usually reserved for a Canadian author. But since Linda’s Blind Curve story starts and ends in Vancouver, Canada and the committee was inspired by her unusual story, and an exception was made.

The Story

After 18 months of following one-size-fits-all advice for a 57-year-old new widow, Linda Crill is still miserable. In a moment of rebellion, she trades her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and commits herself to a 2,500-mile road trip down America’s Pacific Northwest coast riding a motorcycle. The problem—she doesn’t know how to ride and had only 30 days to learn.

With less than a month to learn, Linda enrolls in a beginner’s motorcycle course at a Harley dealership. Overwhelmed by the complexities of an 800-pound touring motorcycle and unsure if she can work the biker babe persona, she considers bailing on the trip to retreat into a life of quiet widowhood. But neither option—staying or going—offers the comfort she craves. With little to lose she chooses the road trip, hoping she’ll find answers for rebuilding her life around this blind curve.

From Vancouver, Canada, to the wine country of California, this out-of-character choice became a catalyst for discovering answers to “What Now?” By heading into the unknown—the blind curve—she faces her fears, tests old beliefs, and discovers not only a broader horizon of possibilities to use in building the next phase of her life but also the fuel to make it happen.

Funny, irreverent, and extraordinarily honest, it’s the perfect read for people looking for ways to reinvent themselves, and anyone asking: “What now?”

The Author

One of Linda’s favorite quotes is: The only rule is that there are no rules. “It amazes me how whenever I announce that I definitely won’t do something, a new situation presents itself requiring me to do just that.”

Linda Crill is a reinvention author, speaker, trainer… and biker (yes, as in Harleys). She has an unusual story of reinvention where she trades her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers in a moment of rebellion on a quest to answer “What Now?” She writes in a funny, irreverent tone we can all relate to as we look to find new meaning when life throws us the unexpected and undeserved.

Since childhood, Linda has been a consummate reinventor. She has relocated to sixteen states, lived abroad in German and managed a career of hyper‑leaps, to transform from public servant, to non‑profit manager, to Fortune 100 executive, to successful business owner, to published author. Linda has learned how to shift gears quickly, manage chaos gracefully and face change with resilience and a smile – all in pursuit of love and career.

After 30 years of helping corporate leaders manage change and spark innovation, Linda found herself facing her toughest obstacle yet. As a recent widow followed by a bout with breast cancer, she yearned for rediscovery to find passion again and a new path forward. She was tired of feeling miserable. Breaking from traditional mourning to chasing the unknown, she decided to do what she never thought possible – committing to a 2,500-­‐mile-motorcycle road trip with only 30 days to learn to ride. It was the catalyst she needed to find answers to “What Now? and reclaim a zest for life, work and play.

For Linda, being miserable is not an option. She hopes her story inspires others to feel the same way – finding the resilience to erase old boundaries and open doors labeled “not me” in the discovery of answers to “What Now?”

The Difference

Blind Curves’ story includes:

  • Answers the Question: “What now?” that many of us are asking in this hyper-changing world ” as the unknown, unwanted, and unexpected touches all of our lives in multiple ways. Blind Curve’s story proves that opening doors labeled “not me” broadens one’s possibilities for reinventing a future filled with new possibilities.
  • Halston to Harley story of a former Fortune 100 corporate executive who trades her business suits for motorcycle leathers, high heels for steel-toed boots, and designer scarves for a faded railroad bandana.
  • America’s Pacific Northwest where the author embarks on a 2,500-mile road trip with a take-you-there travel narrative to one of America’s most popular destinations from Vancouver, Canada, to the wine-country of California.
  • Older Female Linda Crill is spokes-person for how “women of a certain age” can take a ride on the wild side and turn boredom into bliss, security into sizzle, and quiet desperation into a meaningful calling.
  • Vicarious Harley Thrill that taps into the cachet, allure and vicarious thrill of driving a motorcycle. (Who hasn’t watched a motorcycle ride by and thought to themselves, “Wow, that looks like fun!”).

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Rave Reviews for Blind Curves

“The prototype for how a woman of a certain age can take a ride on the wild side and turn boredom into bliss, security into sizzle and quiet desperation into new confidence.”

Andrea RoaneAnchor, CBS-WUSA

“A thrilling, adventure-filled, laugh-out-loud funny trip down the Pacific Coast. Linda Crill has given us a remarkable and beautiful road map of her journey, something for us all to learn from.”

William MartinNew York Times Bestselling Author of Cape Cod and The Lincoln Letter

“In Blind Curves, Linda Crill discovers an unusual method of dealing with grief – she takes to the road on a motorcycle. This is a fun, life-affirming adventure readers will love sharing with the author.”

Kathryn JohnsonAuthor of The Gentleman Poet

“Resiliency and answers to "What Now?" don't appear magically. Instead they are discovered by exploring the unknown and in Linda's case, on two wheels. A great book for those who love motorcycling and those who have wondered what it's like.”

Maggie McNallyPresident of the American Motorcycle Association

“Much more than a motorcycle diary. It is about overcoming loss and reinventing oneself.”

Lee ArnoldLibrary Journal

“A widow at 57, Linda Crill impulsively decides to bust out of her cocoon, and take a 10-day, 2,500-mile motorcycle trip. The only problem, she's never ridden a bike before. Her descriptions of the trip are enthusiastic, picturesque, and heartfelt. The advice proffers will be of help to those traveling a similar path in life, by 'accepting... the uncertainty of blind curves.'”

Booklist Reviews

“A must-read for anyone hungry to change the direction of the second half of their lives.”

Long Rider Magazine

“Linda's story demonstrates the best kind of happiness in life can come from surprising places if you simply open your eyes and more importantly open your heart to adventure. Blind Curves encourages readers to step out of their comfort zones and take life by the throttle. Instead of wondering 'What Now?' we can take inspiration from Linda and ask, 'Where Now?'”

Sharnelle KamInside Motorcycles